I started a detox a few weeks ago and since I cleansed my gut, it has affected my spidey-senses big time (which was the intent anyway). I walked into the nail shop and the fumes hit me HARD!!! It was so bad I had to put a mask on…like them. It was never that strong and I'm not usually sensitive to strong scents. It was so bad, I don’t want to go back. So as I’m sitting there, I went down a rabbit hole of thoughts. How many of us have fibroids? A lot right? What things do we mostly have in common…hair and nails. It made me wonder if the chemicals in the nail products are also causing us to have fibroids and various cancers like the relaxers were proven to do. On top of that, we sit in the nail salon being serviced and breathing in all those fumes from the multiple women being serviced.

Don’t forget the food, damn near everything is processed. I don’t know if you know this or not but if it comes in a package, it’s processed. People think that processed food is only fast food…no babe, that’s not completely accurate. 

Sanitary napkins. The ingredients in them such as dioxin, chloroform, chloroethane, styrene, and acetone are carcinogens (cause cancer) and negatively affect our reproductive system and fertility. This is one of many reasons we have cramps, clots, endometriosis, PCOS, irregular flow, PMS-all which are NOT NORMAL!!! Some deodorants contain dioxin which is also a carcinogen. The armpit contains some of our mammary glands and breast tissue and that dioxin is going right to the breast, causing breast cancer!!


Go as natural as possible. It takes time to switch to a way of life we’re not used to. Research…YouTube is your friend!! Try to switch to 100% natural pads or use a menstrual cup. Yea, the cups are a little bit messy but so is cancer. There are a whole bunch of natural deodorants on the market to test out. Some work better than others to keep the dryness down; it's personal preference. I like to buy the trial sizes at Target before I buy the full size. A good natural deodorant is lime. Yup, cut a lime in half, rub your pits, and you're done. No musty smell, or wetness and it’s cheap. As for the nails and hair…that’s a hard choice. As far as food, buy organic and WASH (not rinse) thoroughly. I like to soak my produce in ACV and baking soda for a few minutes before I put them in the fridge. Organic costs a little bit more but saves in the long run (lowered medical expenses, doctor visits, etc.). Make time to cook your food and stop eating out so much. Not only do you not know or see your food being cooked, you don’t know what kind of energy that person is cooking is putting into your food. Not knocking anyone at all but do you think someone working at a fast food joint is absolutely happy to be cooking for you? Whatever energy they have is being infused into your meal. You know what it feels like to eat a meal made with love, right? Which one would you prefer?

 Again, choose your why.

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